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Terry Morse Software develops full-stack web applications for businesses. Led by software industry veteran Terry Morse, with over 30 years experience in commercial application development.

simple sender - send a file from anywhere to anyone

An extremely easy to use web application for sending files, securely, privately, anonymously.

simple send web app
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my elevation - track your elevation above sea level

A web app that answers the question: What is my elevation? Displays current elevation, grade of the current terrain, and current ascent or descent rate.

my elevation web app
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Where Am I - find nearby roads, addresses, intersections, city centers

A simple web app that answers the question: Where am I? Display nearest road with speed limit, nearest street address, road intersections, and city centers.

Where Am I web app
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Williams-Sonoma Coding Challenge

A demonstration of proficiency in buillding modern UI/UX components

Williams Sonoma Coding Challenge screen shot by Terry Morse
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Public Software Packages

Terry Morse has published some Software Packages for public use.

Development Tools

A few simple but useful developer tools built by Terry Morse Software.

Commercial Project — SitSooner™

A web application for restaurant waiting lists — developed exclusively by Terry Morse Software

SitSooner demo